“Mount Kailash” : New WordPress Theme

We are so proud to release our first theme from this website.
This is a three column WordPress Theme, with Custom Image Header, multi-threaded comments, Gravatar support, Tags support etc.
Enjoy it!
Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash WordPress Theme Screenshot
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By Sadish

Sadish Balasubramanian is the author of this website.
He is one in a billion from India, currently residing in the USA, along with his wife and daughter.
He has created many popular WordPress Themes.

5 replies on ““Mount Kailash” : New WordPress Theme”

Hi Sadish,

This new theme is so sleek and clean. I love it! I have another one of your themes that I’m using right now “Fast Moving.” I would like to switch to this new theme, but I was wondering if there was anyway I could keep the larger, wider header of Fast Moving. Can you customize it like that? I would gladly pay for your time. Just let me know how the process works.

Laura 🙂

I’ve started using Mount Kailash, and I love it!!! I’ve adjusted the size of the header a little for my photography, and it’s perfect.

This is a beautiful, clean them. I love your work, Sadish!

Thank you!
Laura 🙂

Hallo Sadish,

thanks for your great theme! I use it for our bikeclub.

i have a question. How can i add a logo? I take a lock to the header.php, but it seems that die personal header picture act like a logo, right?

Is it possible to add another logo? At the moment i put the logo to the image, but it would be nicer of there is a “real” loge. 🙂


Hi Sadish,

Thank you very much for this theme, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

I now have installed on my blog and I think it looks very stylish.

Best Wishes,


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