After I left New York and moved to Texas, I still miss the New York City. I decided to make a new theme with its name.
NewYorkCity Theme
Again, it is a three column WordPress Theme, with Custom Image Header, multi-threaded comments, Gravatar support, Tags support etc.
This theme also has a theme options page so you can control the top navigation menus for both Pages and Categories.
Enjoy it!

NewYorkCity WordPress Theme Screenshot

Click here to go to 'NewYorkCity' WordPress Theme Page


4 Responses to “NewYorkCity – Our theme for November”

  1. C R Bennett says:

    Great theme. I found it easy to use and navigate. I seem to be getting an error when I open the theme or widget pages to add or change widgets. Is this something on my side? This only started happening in the last couple of days.

    I appreciate your good work.


    C R Bennett

  2. Sadish says:

    If it had started happening recently, it may be due to one of the plugins or something. please provide the error message you are getting.


  3. C R Bennett says:

    Hello Sadish,

    Yes, it was a plug-in I added. I removed that particular plug-in and all is working fine.


    C R Bennett

  4. The header design is wonderful. I also like the design of the site, its neat. 🙂

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