Most of the time, I get requests from people asking for three-column themes with the sidebar on either sides.
SpruceUp is created as a three column WordPress Theme with “Custom Image Header” and other features. Please click on the image on the right, to go to the theme page and download it.

If you like this theme, please spread the word to fellow bloggers.
Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!


4 Responses to “SpruceUp – A new theme”

  1. elizabeth says:

    You have so many classy themes! I love this one especially and would like to see if I prefer it to Mistylook because of the two side bars but am not sure how to test it out?

  2. Sadish says:

    Unfortunately it is not available for wordpress.com users. This can only be used by people who have their own hosting and use software from wordpress.org


  3. Robb says:

    Sadish, where or how, do you get the little picture of the person who is posting? I can’t find it. Help!! lol

  4. Sadish says:

    If you register your email with gravatar.com and upload your image to your profile, it will show up on your posts and comments.

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